Cirque Fanny Pack

These packs maximize the carrying capacity by having intelligently-placed pockets, as well as by having features such as our Double-Loop elastic, allowing you to carry rolled items or other small supplies on top of each other. We have also added pockets on each side of the hip-belt. These are large pockets that are easy to get into, and can efficiently store many of the smaller items that you need to get at quickly. The harness system on the Cirque packs is also unique. We have wide, padded hip belts that are easy on your body, and have incorporated an optional shoulder harness for ultimate weight distribution. The Cirque Patrol Fanny Pack are made for those patrollers who like to go light and fast!

Product no Product name
TR200070BK Cirque 1 Fanny Pack
  • Length35,5 cm
  • Width7,6 cm
  • Height22,9 cm
  • ColorBlack
TR200080BK Cirque 2 Fanny Pack
  • Length38 cm
  • Width10,2 cm
  • Height28 cm
  • ColorBlack
TR200070BK-01 Cirque 1 fanny pack with content
TR200080BK-01 Cirque 2 fannypack with content