Ferno Norden, Sweden's leading provider of rescue and security products.

We have quality products that you can trust in demanding situations developed by professionals
in the areas of emergency, rescue and security.
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As specialists in rescue equipment such as first aid, we offer a large selection of eg. first aid bags and other emergency medical equipment. Our products are used by professionals, private individuals and companies in the business world. Under the heading Business Area above you will find a product mix aimed at everything from schools, hotels and industrial companies and under the heading "products" you will come right into our specific product groups.

You can find our prehospital products already in healthcare and in other contexts such as sea and mountain rescue etc. Emergency bags, equipment for CPR, vacuum terminals for fixation, evacuation mattresses, ambulance stretcher and bandage and wound care equipment are just a few examples of products you find with us! We work with leading manufacturers such as Ferno EMS, O-TWO, Thomas, Oxipen, Laerdal and others.

Personlig utrustning

If you work in a public enterprise, for a voluntary organization or like to be out in the woods and out in the open in your spare time, it's very important that you can rely on the personal equipment you have with you!
Ferno Norden Sweden has equipment that can save lives and is suitable for everything from advanced rescue missions to a forest or mountain hike.

If you work with, for example, road and ground work or with rescue or safety in traffic, you already know the value of good working and warning lights!
We have a large selection of warning lights, light ramps, rotating and directional products and products suitable for traffic regulation for both private individuals, contractors and emergency vehicles for ambulance, police and emergency services.
You will find here white, blue and yellow light from world-leading manufacturers such as Whelen and Redtronic and more.

Varningsljus och arbetsljus

Whether you work with transport or as an installer, good working light is important for your safety.
Below you will find a selection of white work lights from Whelen and TruckLed that can be mounted on cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles.

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