Ferno Norden A/S, Denmarks leading provider of rescue and security products

We have high quality products that you can rely on when you are in a demanding situation.
Several of our products have been developed in collaboration with professional players in emergency, rescue and security.

As a specialist in first aid and first aid equipment, we offer first aid bags, first aid rucksacks and rescue equipment, which are needed in the event of an emergency before the emergency agencies has arrived at the scene of the injury or for minor injuries and accidents. The products are suitable for workplaces, industrial safety, at home, in the cottage or in the car.

Medicinsk udstyr

Today, our pre-hospital equipment can be found in everything from ambulances and emergency units to medical offices and rescue corps. Emergency bags, respiratory management equipment, vacuum splinters, - mattresses and pillows, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), diagnostic equipment, bandage and wound care from other recognized suppliers such as Ferno EMS, O-TWO, Thomas, Oxipen, Laerdal and others is crucial when working with rescue and security.

Stop the Bleed

Personlig utstyr

When on a task, be it a rescue operation in the public domain or in voluntary organizations, it is essential that you can rely on your own equipment. It may be what saves your own life in a demanding situation. Ferno Norden has personal equipment adapted to everything from demanding rescue operations to a walk in the forest.

Good quality warning lights are alpha and omega when dealing with road work or rescue and traffic safety to ensure life and health. We offer a wide variety of lightbars, rotating warning lights, directional warning lights and traffic advisory lights for both private, contractor and emergency services, such as ambulance, emergency services, police and fire departments. We carry single, duo and trio warning lights, with white, amber and blue lights from brands such as Whelen, Redtonic and others.


As a contractor, driver of a work vehicle or if you just love light, good working light is important. Here you will find a selection of white lights from Whelen and TruckLed for mounting on cars, trucks and work trucks.

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We continuously receive new products in our range of rescue, first aid, pre-hospital, warning lights and industrial protection. This means that we sometimes empty our warehouse for really good products that need to be taken out of our range. Take a look at "Offers" in the menu and see what we have of items at discounted prices. You can definitely make a coup for yourself or for your emergency preparedness!